Oct 042011

An EOC stands for evidence of coverage, a COC stands for certificate of coverage, and an SPD stands for summary plan description. These acronyms all amount to the same thing: the big thick booklet that your insurance company sends you every year. This is also called your plan document or sometimes your member handbook.

Why is this document so important? It will tell you everything that your insurance plan does and does not cover. It will also tell you your appeal rights and tell you if you need prior authorization or referrals. Your plan document is your road map to your insurance. While it may seem like a waste of time, reading your plan document is important, because your insurance company has to honor your plan document.

If you don’t have a thick booklet (around 100 pages or more) then call the number on the back of your insurance and request that they send you one. Another option is to contact your human resources department, if you get your insurance through your workplace. Yet another option, is to go online. Now, many insurance companies have the information on their websites.