Nov 282011

As you are considering your Medicare enrollment be sure and consider the $0 premium Medicare Part C plans that are available.  Now, this may not be for everyone depending on your health needs, but several companies offer this type of plan to those in a specific income bracket (don’t worry the majority of medicare subscribers fall into this bracket.)

The way this works is the Medicare part C plan replaces Medicare A, B, & if you choose D.  So the monthly premium that you pay for Medicare, is what pays for this insurance plan.  So while you would continue to pay your monthly Medicare premium you would not have to pay any additional premium.  I know this was a huge savings factor for my grandparents.

The easiest way to find these plans is by using the Medicare Plan research tool at

Additionally two options I can think of available in the NW United States are AARP Secure Horizons and/or Healthnet Violet Option 2 PPO.

Remember you need to weigh the benefits of no premium against the cost of co-pays, deductibles, etc to make sure it’s going to work for you.


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